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Harmon & Sons Coffee and Water Service Company

At Harmon and Son's we strive to provide a customer service based coffee and water service that adds value to your company by providing open brew and single cup beverage options custom to your needs.

Our Services

Harmon and Sons offers an array of services having to do with coffee and water for the state of Alabama and Georgia. 

Coffee Services

We offer a wide variety of brewing options as well as flavors. We can do open brew, pods, and k cups with flavors from breakfast blend and donut shop, to Jamaican me crazy and hazelnut.

La Pod Coffee Brewers

- Ideal for making individual cups of coffee

- Compostable pods

- Eighteen varieties

Open Brews

- Roasted in Mississippi

- Three different blends

Water Services

Our point of use water systems provide healthy, ph balanced water through our patented filtration systems. Thanks to our partnership with Wellsys USA, we can now rent these coolers to save our customers money.


- Five-stage filtration system

- Hooks up to water line

- Self-sanitizing tank

Family Owned and Operated

Since 1989 we have been providing central Alabama with an exceptional coffee service with a focus on customer service. We believe in building relationships throughout our community and adding value to companies. At Harmon and Son's we also believe in quality goods and that is why we have become the sole distributor of Good Coffee, a locally roasted coffee blend that boasts of its simplicity and quality.


Our pods and pouches are packaged into compostable material and our carton is made of 100% recycled paperboard, leaving nothing to be designated as trash. Zero waste, Zero Landfill!

Choose pods and make a difference! Each day over 61 million coffee and tea cartridges are used in the United States. You can make a difference when you brew with a pod!


Just a few numbers

We sustainability service coffee and water to satisfied customers through Alabama and Georgia.

K-Cups Waste Saved in a Year

Plastic Bottles Saved in a Year

Cups Served Since Launch

Personalized Approach

Every customer is different and therefore has different needs. This is why we offer a variety of options including open brew, coffee pods, and k cups. Once we learn a companies needs we customize a system to provide the best quality product while saving money in the process and cutting down on waste. 



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