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Humans need water. What humans don’t need is a ton of chemicals, moldy water tanks, and injuries from lifting 5 gallon water jugs. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution: water coolers with a five-stage filtration system that hookup directly to your regular water supply.

Why a five-stage filtration system? So glad you asked:

The sediment filter removes dirt, rust, and contaminates in the pipes or water. Next, the carbon filter takes out chemicals (like fluoride, chlorine, etc.). A reverse osmosis membrane filter dissolves any solvents—think minerals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals… things that that regular filters can’t remove. Up until this point, this would be the filtration system used for most food-grade water. However, what’s left is a highly acidic water. As it turns out, the human body actually needs some minerals. This is why we use Biosure, a patented filter that adds 20 minerals back into the water including colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-microbial which maintains the self-sanitizing tank. No more germ infested water tanks!  Last, but definitely not least, the water travels through a coconut carbon filter which gives it a nice, refreshingly sweet taste. Our system provides a balanced pH level (between 6.8 and 7.2), perfect for humans. Did we mention our coolers cool AND heat water?


All Wellsys coolers use a reverse osmosis process that takes everything out of the water making it pure H2O. However our bodies need some minerals so after this process the wellsys has a mineral put back of magnesium and calcium making it the healthiest water to drink.

All wellsys coolers have colloidal silver baked into the plastic to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading throughout the office. It also has colloidal silver in the tank making it self sanitizing so you never have to clean the tank out yourself like bottled water coolers.

The Wellsys has a low monthly fixed cost that includes installation, filter changes, and any maintenance on the machine.

There’s no lifting and carrying of heavy 44 pound water jugs that can hurt your back

Purifies Water

Our coolers use Reverse Osmosis purification which is the industry leading standard.


Our coolers auto sanitize on a regular basis using UV technology.

Clean Contact

Any area you interact with our coolers has an antimicrobial agent baked in to prevent bacteria growth.



Wellsys coolers have all the certifications a cooler can have.

Just a few numbers

We sustainability service coffee and water to satisfied customers through Alabama and Georgia.

K-Cups Waste Saved in a Year

Plastic Bottles Saved in a Year

Cups Served Since Launch

Personalized Approach

Every customer is different and therefore has different needs. This is why we offer a variety of options including open brew, coffee pods, and k cups. Once we learn a companies needs we customize a system to provide the best quality product while saving money in the process and cutting down on waste. 



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